Only a giant gets giant-sized productivity gains, right? Wrong!

The article you are about to read talks of $35 million of productivity gain.  But every dollar is a percentage of another dollar.  Can you improve your business 27%?  Maybe.  Maybe, not.  The quicker you start, the quicker you gain. Do you have to use Japanese terms to do it?  Not really.

The article doesn’t talk about total costs of the modifications, number of layoffs, consolidations of department management, consultants, or other change catalysts involved.  That’s OK.  You know they are there.

You also know numbers are numbers are numbers.  They are able to show what you want to show.  These are great gains at the company reported.  You can have great gains in your company.

Your business was built with some American ingenuity and perspiration.  The intelligence to modify and the tenacity to tackle cost creep probably is waiting inside your team to  be unleashed.

Let’s start a discussion that leads to bottom-line results at your company.  Get it?  Get it.  No Japanese words needed.   405-388-8037

Insurance News – State Farm Honored For Productivity

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