Print13 happens in a few weeks.  This international gathering of In-Plants and Commercial printers is a powerful way to meet some new folks, get educated and informed, and see what is new and changing.

Your progress probably won’t be on a banner, but it should be noted.  I want to note it.  You can help many others by taking 2 minutes and clicking.

Once I receive your information, I’ll send you a FREE DOWNLOAD of management principles that are gaining great reviews worldwide.  Then, I’ll send you the second set right before Print13.  These pithy principles take no more than 2 minutes each to read and can change your team’s results.

See you there:

R33 – In-Plant Extreme Makeover: From Reactive to Responsive

Date: Tuesday, September 10

8:30 am – 10:00 am



R33 – In-Plant Extreme Makeover: From Reactive to Responsive

Date: Tuesday, September 10

8:30 am – 10:00 am

Speaker: Phil Larson


Whether you are tasked as the new manager in succession to follow a manager of multiple decades or are part of an executive committee challenged to build a service responsive in-plant to meet current business demands, you need a fresh approach.  The old ways just won’t do the job anymore.  What will you do?  Executives need good answers from you.  You may not survive without this information.

You will learn:

  • Workflow Efficiencies:  You’ll understand simplified LEAN principles you can gain back useable capacity improvement.
  • Value Add:  how to improve your single source provider influence in the mind of the customer.
  • Product Optimization:  Get the right product mix that has high benefit and fits your location, equipment, and people.
  • Online support and PDF workflow stabilization
  • Client and Customer Management: You will learn key conversations you need to have and what to say when you have them.
  • Business Development / Expansion:  You can grasp the long term view balanced with optimizing the existing business and have an outline to present to decision makers.

Who should attend: In-Plant managers and assistants, Executives with In-Plant line responsibility, Commercial providers looking to improve sourced arrangements, Marketing and sales reps wanting to understand customer decision making, In-Plant technical and creative and customer service support, and Vendors to In-Plants who need to “get it” to support the business



Phil Larson, President
Shepherd Consulting

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Community leader, business leader, writer, dad, friend, amigo, hermano. Passionate about every activity in which I choose to participate.

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