The Press of Work

Work takes the amount of time allocated to it.

Emblazon that truism on your computer screen, smart phone, and tablet.  Get it in front of you.  Write it on your forehead and scribe it on your heart.  Work takes the amount of time allocated to it.

Now let us handle arguments.

It changes while you are working on it.

If you can’t in a few minutes write out the process by which work is done, you do not know what you are doing.  Get to know what you are doing.  Examine it.  Make allowances for variances.  Allocate the right amount of time. Tighten up the scope and practices.

Other things come up.

Priorities change because you do not have priorities that are communicated.   A customer comes in and you shift the job at hand.  You lose time starting and stopping.  The work still takes the amount of time allocated to you.  You just keep changing the allocated time and it takes longer.

Something breaks.

Okay, fix it.  While it is down you are not working on the job.  You are working on the fix.  When you get back going, guess what.  Work takes the amount of time allocated to it.

It is harder than I thought.

Think more.  Examine.  Plan. Organize.  Become better at accurate allocation.

Some people are faster and some are slower.

Design jobs for Joe and Jane Average.  Quit designing work for Wonder Woman and Super Man.  Quit designing work for sloths and snails.  Design to the middle and the slow will step up and the super will take on other jobs because they can’t stand to not be busy.   Allocate right.


Okay, get to work.  Get it done.  Prove yourself valuable.


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