Is Advantage an Advantage for Me? A blogafo

Medicare Advantage can be the best solution for you as you move into your Medicare supported years. The real questions are about what is best for your health and financial welfare, right? Well, that is the question you need to answer. We can help with that.

A Part C or Advantage plan is not a supplement or Medigap. They are mutually exclusive. You cannot have both. Watch out for odd language from sales agents. Get clear information. We can help with that.

You can get reasonable cost insurance for items not covered in your Advantage plan for such items as dental, vision, hearing, cancer, short term care, copays, deductibles, etc… That does not mean they are a “Medicare Supplement”, but these are other insurance policies or indemnity plans available to you. We can help with that.

Your payments to providers on Advantage are not managed by Medicare, but is managed by an insurance company. They handle the claims and coordinate services. Yes, they are subject to Medicare rules; however, can vary significantly in extra services and coordination with copays and coinsurance.

Not all Advantage plans have prescription drug coverage. Most do and you need to know. Inspect the coverage diligently before you sign up. We can help with that.

Advantage is usually an HMO or PPO arrangement. That means you have a network of doctors in your area with which you get better rates. It also can mean you are restricted to which doctors you can use cost effectively.

Advantage plans are not free. Even if they have a $0 premium, you must continue to pay your Part B Medicare amount. Your Part A portion usually is covered because of your payments over life as you worked or your spouse worked. If you discontinue paying your Part B, you will be dropped from the Advantage plan.

New Advantage plans have been created that have PPO networks nationwide to allow for travel and extended availability of services for those living in rural networks. This is great news for many. We can help with that.

Not all Advantage plans are HMO or PPO. There are fee for services plans and special needs plans for such circumstances as ESRD and Diabetes. Take time to know your health and explore options available in your area for you and your health. We can help with that.

A supplement situation may be better for you than an Advantage plan. It all depends on your financial and health situation and your personal preferences. You have choices in Medicare. The most important time to make decisions are when you first sign up for Medicare. These decisions can affect your options for the rest of your life. You are free from medical underwriting and usually receive the best rates as you start your journey on Medicare in those first decisions. No one knows how their health will play out, but you can always make informed and educated decisions. We can help with that.

Here is the official Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services site on Advantage plans.

Here is our partner site

Yes, we can help you get the information you need and understand your options to make good decisions that fit your lifestyle and budget. Call us or email us and let’s get started assisting you. There is never a fee for our services. We can help with that.

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