Goals Govern Growth

In a study at Harvard, the graduates of an MBA class were surveyed in 1979.  3% had written, clear goals.  13% had goals, but they were not written down.  84% had no goals identified.  In 1989, ten years later they were all contacted.  The 13% with unwritten goals made twice as much as the ones with no goals.  The 3% with written goals made more than the other 97% combined.

Life is not simply about money, but it is one way we can measure.  The power of written goals applies to relationships, finances, spiritual acumen, mental acuity, emotional stability and more.  Goals govern growth. 

Some folks would say, “ I hope to be able to do this or that.”  Without a true focus, a goal and a plan, that is a wish not a hope. Hope has a plan.  Hope is powerful.  Hope is a healer.  But Hope has a focus and a plan.

Your plan may not be written out as detailed as some.  But you need to have a plan. 

As a project manager of decades, I always found it helpful to decide on a few items.  One was the goal or the final object obtained in a project.  The second is a set of measurable deliverables that happen along the path.  When the deliverables are met, the goal is met.  Then and only then can we start to decide on an action plan.  When we design our workshops today, this is the same approach.  There is a final goal to reach that is only reached as each deliverable is reached. In that way, we can sustain hope and healing and radically alter our future to a better life forward.

What are your goals for relationships, mental and emotional health, spiritual determinism, and physical stamina?  In each of these areas, we can and should set simple goals. Write them down.  Read them every day.  Tana Amen does a great job encouraging the “One Page Miracle” that she and Dr. Daniel Amen have found so helpful in folks overcoming physical and mental and emotional trauma that affects brain functioning.  One Page Miracle  Maybe even write the short form in erasable marker on your morning mirror so you can’t miss them. What are yours?

Here are mine: Good communication. A listener. Strong and fit body. Sharp and quick mind.  Emotions serve me and stir joy. Example of Christ life. Sufficient finances and some to share.

There.  It doesn’t have to be long and complicated. Just focused and written.

Be a 3% agent of change and growth.  Set goals.  Write them down.  Read them out loud regularly. Make your daily, weekly, and monthly plans to see them come to full fruit.

Interested in a little more?  Read this quick article on Energizers, notes for people managers and wisdom for us all.

Published by Phil Larson

Community leader, business leader, writer, dad, friend, amigo, hermano. Passionate about every activity in which I choose to participate.

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