Finding Solutions For Print That Morph With Your Need

There is a powerful move in print provision to online and sourced.  It is affecting both In-Plant providers and commercial.  You need to be a part of that move to morph.

How does it look?  You get all your static materials locked down and secure accessible to just who needs them as they need them in quantities they need them in real time.

Can I get dynamically produced items?  Sure.  Online catalogs should have dynamic content options to allow visual uploads and content block options preapproved by marketing and sales and legal.  You can do it.

Will it integrate with multi-channel marketing online?  It can.

How does it work?  A great provider works with you to inventory need and match a solution specific to reduce your costs.

Is it available now? Absolutely.  There are quality In Plants that have made the move.  If you have an In Plant company or organizational source, go talk to them.  They might already be doing this for other departments.  Absolutely.  If you don’t have an In Plant or maybe your organization is not large enough or has not made the shift, there are good commercial providers.  You can get what you need at much reduced costs to your present solution if your need model is right.

What do I do?  Call me at 405-388-8037.. Or email me at  We have many contacts with good providers and can help you navigate your options effectively.

Looking for an experienced email blast vendor, any suggestions??? | LinkedIn

Looking for an experienced email blast vendor, any suggestions??? | LinkedIn.

This discussion hits on many of the options in the simple marketing techniques being used in many instances today.

Somewhat missing is emphasis on the human elements and interactivity needed to realize significant gains.

Email blast in many instances is a practice being frowned upon by the DMA and top marketers.  Of course, when a prospect or customer is given the ability to opt in with verification, email with appropriate content can be powerful and meaningful.

Meaningful and relevant and responsive use of online approaches can bring customer retention and loyalty.  Walk purposefully and focus on the right folks.