There is no magic route to riches in your business.

In 2004, Dick Gorelick wrote this insightful 101 Ways for printers.  It applies to any endeavor.  Just sub your business where it says graphic arts or printing.  You will be amazed at the insight you gain.   Printing was entering a revolution of digitization at this time.  It is a $640 billion business and continues to grow.   Here are some of his opening words and a link to the full article.  You will fell like you have been mentored by a tremendous manager after you read and will have much to do.  Read.  Muse.   Grow.

In our world, business is building.

There is no magic route to riches in the graphics arts

There is a positive side to every business challenge. Turning lemons into lemonade is dependent upon one’s inclination to avoid assigning blame and a willingness to accept — and understand — change as a permanent condition in this dynamic business environment.

There is no single, magic route to riches in the graphic-arts industry. That’s because success is the product of coordinated management of customers, supplies, staff, equipment and the graphic-arts community at large. Equally as important, management of these elements needs to be accomplished under the umbrella of a strategy that is credibly differentiated from competition — something that is critical if a company is to cope with the impact of price competition.

Since not all companies are the same, it is highly unlikely that all 101 ways outlined here will be applicable to everyone. In many cases, printers may already be addressing these issues. No one way is likely to revolutionize a profitability statement, no matter how conscientiously it is adopted. However, improved performance is likely to result with the adoption of many of these ways, when they are used to support a differentiated strategy.

Action without purpose loses its potential. Implementing several ways in this article can contribute to the attainment of your organization’s business objectives.”  Dick Gorelick

Full Article at American Printer