Hopeful Statistics Analysis Is Not A Plan For Profitable Sales In Insurance.


While spanning through infographics on customer engagement, social media, best times of day to send emails and get them , content strategies, and why facebook from key executives is a good idea, I laughed.

All of this is meaningless without a marketing 3.0 blueprint.

These are averages across multiple industries and contrived mostly from interviews and some real experiences.

What counts is results for you in your space and with your customers.

The ingenuity of your team of insurance professionals in sales and marketing mixed with customer preferences means the most.

Getting a system in place that allows you to interact and listen to the voice of your customer in real time with real people is what is meaningful.

Get it?

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Looking for an experienced email blast vendor, any suggestions??? | LinkedIn

Looking for an experienced email blast vendor, any suggestions??? | LinkedIn.

This discussion hits on many of the options in the simple marketing techniques being used in many instances today.

Somewhat missing is emphasis on the human elements and interactivity needed to realize significant gains.

Email blast in many instances is a practice being frowned upon by the DMA and top marketers.  Of course, when a prospect or customer is given the ability to opt in with verification, email with appropriate content can be powerful and meaningful.

Meaningful and relevant and responsive use of online approaches can bring customer retention and loyalty.  Walk purposefully and focus on the right folks.