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Phil Larson

Shepherd OK assists bright minded organizations and the people in them through analytics, observation, planning, and execution to reduce costs and improve service.  Shepherd OK works to bring out the best in our clients to help them victoriously achieve their goals to the maximum benefit of their customers, owners, stakeholders, and colleagues. Shepherd OK encourages our client’s growth, excellence, efficiency, and timeliness.

With the growth of SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative, our time and availability is greatly reduced these days.  We are working on a community model helping fixing fractured families through community education and cognitive behavioral model counseling.

Our expertise is as varied as our client’s needs through key partnerships in marketing, marketing and sales collateral fulfillment, operations and organization, development, and expense containment.Let us help you achieve your goals with absolute excellence and timeliness.  Whether you are in the beginning phases of exploring new approaches or deep into a project to revise your operations, we are poised to engage and assist in analysis, planning, organization, project management, execution, and optimization.

Executive Biography

Phil Larson is a value-driven Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Thought Leader, and Board Member with more than 35 years of success in the insurance, healthcare, publishing, IT, and retail industries. Leveraging extensive experience in business development and operations, Phil is a valuable asset for mid-sized companies spanning various industries that are seeking expert assistance with new product line development or operations reorganization. Phil’s broad areas of expertise include change management, process improvement, re-engineering, team building, and innovation.

Throughout his executive career, Phil has held leadership positions at TG&Y, INTEGRIS Health, C.R. Anthony, Cathedral of Praise, American Fidelity, and grafaccent. Currently, Phil is involved with multiple organizations – he is President and CEO of Shepherd Consulting Group, Executive Director at SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative, and is Senior Pastor at Hope Connection. In his work with SOLUM, Phil concentrates his energy on fathers and families through education, encouragement, and engagement. He is committed to using his decade’s worth of business leadership experience to create impactful change in the communities that need it most. Through his Consulting Group, Phil leads intensive process and communication projects for universities, private companies, manufacturers, educational institutions, and software companies.

Previously, as Director of Business Development at graffacent, Phil led rapid revenue growth by taking a new approach to an old industry. Phil expanded technology and empowered a national example team in all areas of the business while closing key clients and agreements. These creative strategies brought the company from less than $100,000 per year in 2009 to $2.5M in 2012.

Phil has served on the Board of Directors of grafaccent and currently serves on the Board of Directors of SOLUM. Phil is a coach and a speaker has written articles for American Printer and has also published multiple books. Phil earned his BS in Sociology from Oklahoma City University and his MinA Christian Ministry from the Christian Outreach School of Ministries. Phil also has multiple certifications including DCPI – Trainer and Mentor, Marketing Professional, Life and Health Agent License, COBIT Foundation, ITIL Foundations, Financial Management Expert, Certified Trainer, and Ministerial Ordination.


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Hundreds of have already completed amazing life transformation with mentored workshops.

Manage Well: An Eclectic Manager's Guide To Excellence

Manage Well: An Eclectic Manager’s Guide To Excellence by Philip Larson https://www.amazon.com/dp/1499503121 

Managers are leaders. Leaders are managers. Get effective tips from the trenches that will improve your performance and your team. Time tested and trained to thousands.

Stumbling Into Miracles by Philip Larson https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FP54W2P/

Now hear about and learn to live a life where miracles abound. Demons are cast out in alleyways on hard concrete outside in Mexico and Pakistan. Thousands have come to Christ in areas with pigs tied to trees and chickens running underfoot and open sewers streaming next to us. He shows up in fancy church buildings in suburban neighborhoods in the United States and the toughest street corners you can imagine in mud and muck and in business conference rooms and offices. He is the Lord of All. We do not control Him. It is our privilege to follow Him wherever He leads, whenever, to all people.

Time to Lead: Steps to transformation for you and those you lead. by Philip L… https://www.amazon.com/dp/1497525039/

You have the ability and mandate to change yourself and others around you. What do you do when reasonable foundations have been destroyed? Sync up with 54 world leaders from business, politics, military, community, religion, and education. Change you and change your world. Hezekiah was a trend setting king. He accepted the challenge to build a moral, ethical, just, and merciful nation. Leadership made it happen. Learn practical approaches you can take to do the same in your personal life, family, business, school, neighborhood, and community. Tenemos El Futuro. We Own The Future.

By Grace: Passion for People in Community by Philip Larson https://www.amazon.com/dp/1537729527/

Can I be fulfilled yet not a super Christian and decision maker? Yes! The answer is, Yes!Can I be fulfilled, yet, not winning soul-scalps on the evangelism team? Yes! The resounding answer is, Yes!There is no higher calling in the Kingdom of Christ than to be active in the daily labors of the local congregation. Glamorized pulpit ministry and committee involvement leaves people wondering where they fit. Our congregation models make the public and power ministry the pieces to pursue. The New Testament scribes tell us to make the less comely parts look more glamorous. How do we get it right?Living in the kingdom on a daily basis brings us closer to Christ. Expressing God’s forgiving love to a world full of grief and pain lunges us forward in becoming more like Him. Gracing others with kindness and gentleness prepares a path for those on the fringe of our congregations to follow. As they attempt to peer into the kingdom from a safe distance, they will shuffle closer to the borders of pardon and peace. How do we get it right?Phil Larson takes us on the journey of a couple connected to a local church, but doing effective outreach in the community. Through biblical instruction and insight and their personal story, you will find how to be effective in reaching your neighbors.Come to ChristGrow in ChristStay in ChristBattle the problems and issues that plague Christians in being sensitive and being seeking. This is not about being seeker sensitive.This is about being one who “seeks and saves the lost” as part of Jesus’ ministry to go into the highways and byways and compel with compassion.

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