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About Our Positive Proposal

Phil...the brain

Phil Larson

Shepherd OK assists bright minded organizations and the people in them through analytics, observation, planning, and execution to reduce costs and improve service.  Shepherd OK works to bring out the best in our clients to help them victoriously achieve their goals to the maximum benefit of their customers, owners, stakeholders, and colleagues. Shepherd OK encourages our client’s growth, excellence, efficiency, and timeliness.

With the growth of SOLUM Community Transformation Initiative, our time and availability is greatly reduced these days.  We are working on a community model helping fixing fractured families through community education and cognitive behavioral model counseling.

Our expertise is as varied as our client’s needs through key partnerships in marketing, marketing and sales collateral fulfillment, operations and organization, development, and expense containment.Let us help you achieve your goals with absolute excellence and timeliness.  Whether you are in the beginning phases of exploring new approaches or deep into a project to revise your operations, we are poised to engage and assist in analysis, planning, organization, project management, execution, and optimization.

Why do you keep losing time and $$$?

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